Ideas for New Levels

Hi guys! Like @Deadpool198’s Ideas for New Weapons thread, in this new Adventurer thread, you can post ideas for new levels that could teach new skills in Computer Programming. These levels could hopefully be added in the Volcano campaign - if they are good enough. However, you can post about the other campaigns too. So then, great coders of CodeCombat, get building!


I want new levels so there is a level 66 in CoCo and I will get the pets, rings and Master Flag


That is very true but I think you get to level 66 in the Volcano campaign.

Nope level 66 is for staff members only but soon there will be enough levels to be a level 66

I swear, I was thinking about making this exact topic earlier today.

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Well, it’s here and you don’t need to make it! Although, that is funny! :grin:

what about a level where you have to collect some silver coins, a gem, and a lightstone, then go to an “inventor” and get them made into some “armor” that gives you a bunch of health and makes you look like VR security:

its basically when there is a lvl 66 item it’s not released/abilities not finished

I know but if we make more levels there will be a level 66

then they’ll make it higher level.

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the high level isn’t to hide the item’s identity, it’s just to stop us from using it.