The Equestrian in Code Combat

In the level Grim Determination and in Wakka Maul, there is a new type of character: the equestrian.
I wonder what does it do (special ability like going to a certain loction underground, so ogers will not attack him) and if you will be able to summon and command them (maybe you will be able to summon them with Boss Star 7?).


That’s a good idea, I wonder whether they will turn him into a summonable unit. It would be quite cool, and less hard than making a new one from scratch because they already have the animations and the art for the character.

how many boss stars are there?

5 of them currently (yes, boss star 5 do exist)

boss star 5 gives you 100 gold at start and allows you to summon artillery

cool thanks for clarifying

it is said to be unlocked at the volcano and theres no possible way to get it. u can use it by going to the mountain multiplayer lvl

cool great thanks for that i was always wondering

what does it do tho? in a forest level it attacked a tree and it had a axe so maybe its a lumberjack

Nobody really knows much about Equestrians. All that’s known is that they are experts at medicine and doing races. People say they came from a far away land, far beyond the bay of Backwoods Forest…


maybe they are medics/olypicrace makers/ lumberjacks:Capture7345734587463


I’ve seen them using an axe, but there are also levels where they are just the helpless character, when peasants are already in use.


one of those levels is grim determination.

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