The Haiku and poem topic! 17 syllable masterpieces. Have fun!

You heard the news!
Any Haiku poems put here!
Stick to 17 syllables!

It’s technically a five syllable line, followed by seven syllable line, then another five.

I like writing these
they help me process events
emotions contained

Oh, I’m doing it wrong.
Ah, oh well.
Should write actual poems now.

writing more haiku
makes writing haiku easy
that’s why I’m so good :smile:

Night air is real calm
talking together in dark
an amazing time


Trees are a nice green
But they have sturdy, brown trunks
Not to mention roots

Poems are so hard
I struggle writing haikus
Why do I do this?

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Can we switch this to a haiku/poem topic?

I thought there already was a poem topic, but sure!

I’m bad at haikus
This poem sucks immensely
Did you count this out?

Been a while since I’ve been here.

I agree with you
My haikus are horrible
Why did I write this?

Good to see you again abc.

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Donuts are super cool
You should totally agree
Cats are also nice


A funny haiku
It represents Vanessa
Donuts forever! :muscle:

Doggos are so cute
Mine is sitting next to me
She is very soft.


I didn’t do that one properly, rip.

Hello. I am back
able to share more haiku
all these are quite good


I composing more
will put them on this post
editing gets use

Going on a trip
overnight campout
friends are going, too

I enjoy these trips
have open conversation
in the dark of night

I had a bad time.
I can do blasters hitless.
Blue bones? not so much.

Grinding for armor
need lots of cash for Temmie
Temmie Armor rules

I have that one sub
no clue what is going on
this is kinda weird

Listening to songs
It’s comforting but quite fast

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Watch the show “alone”
Bunch of starving people, “yay”
Its on History

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I watch Alone too
Finished season one last night
It is depressing

They are all starving
I watched season two last year
It is pretty good

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Math is the greatest.
Mental abuse to humans?
Eh, thats kinda true.

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Brazil nuts are weird.
Man they really irk me.
Rather have almonds.

A haiku of seasons
By: Thump

Four seasons exist
A cycle of much weather
An unending loop

Birds chirp in the spring
Nothing stops their chattering
Flowers are blooming

Summer heat rising
Apples fall merrily down
The shade is our home

The ground welcomes leaves
The world is turning orange
Autumn is peaceful

Wind whips bare branches
Bitter ice coats all objects
Winter’s a menace

Flowers bloom again
The season cycle restarts
Spring is back on Earth