Lame puns (15 characters)

Don’t put any inappropriate puns on here. The end of the contest is 7/13/22

Hmmm, idk, thump’s not online and I’m not exactly an expert on rules, but I think it’s fine, as long as there is no NSFW stuff of course :slight_smile:

MAAAN. READ MY TOPIC PLSSS. Seriously, you could’ve asked in the pm firsthand

Lol, I think the topics are inevitable ._.

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Does what work?

Not for me, it doesn’t, since I have PC (parental controls), can’t you just use a google doc?

You need to give everyone permission, also, it would reveal your email… so, if you don’t want people to know your email, don’t use a google doc

what do you call a witch who lives in a desert?

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a sandwitch :smirk: yummy

i think this topic could be put in Topic for Jokes but since it’s a contest it’s harder :expressionless:


You forgot ur pun-ctuation.

what do u get when u cross a road with a pair of shoes.

a little bit of walking

Took a while, but it clicked :]

I think that it should just be in the joke topic. And we can announce a new contest in that topic.
@Chaboi_3000, should you merge this?


Obviously, everyone minded only when Her Majesty the Thump objected.
Squire Anonym’s words rarely matter :smirk:

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so dum but so tru, also, why am I awake?

puns people puns not talk

(post to keep topic alive)

You don’t really need to do that.
It’s only been 8 hrs.


Why… cough… Why did- Why- Why did the chicken… Um… Cross the road?

To… What was it again? The other side… mhm… ok… thanks… To get to the other side :slight_smile:

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