The somme(just a very horrible version)

you and the British 6th army are told to help capture the some against the german15th army
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Wow, thats a lot of throwers!
Maybe remove a few thangs, to remove lag, and add some goals?

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but the archers just steamroll all the throwers

Just remove some throwers, some archers.

Lol, the throwers are so clumped together, i killed like 50 with one sparkbomb xD

hey that was my tactic!

i changed it 20 carsssssssssssssssssss

kool!!! Maybe you should remove 1 row of throwers, and like 5- 8 archers and i need to go

btw ive added a maxim machine gunner i wont tell you where youl find out on the battle field

I already know. You should set their type to machine-gunner.
Do that by going to the progeramming.hasAPI component, an set the type to machine-gunner

i know how to ok? 20 carssssss

No need to get mad. (20 chars)

sorry about rejecting your patch its just that the british are on offense