This is deleted kk

(removed by dude who has no money)

Seeds are different for every player, and please don’t post solutions, even if they won’t work for others

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i deleted it but let me explain how it work you move away form the blast radios of the fire traps and then shoot the burl it attacks you blowing up the mines you then move to your victory this works in all seeds

Yeah, except you get blown up as well xd

you don’t get blown up if you move out of the way

You do, at least in my seed

If this is “deleted” why you guys keep replying in this thread?

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Shouldn’t we get a website mod to delete this?

People can see the edits and look at the solution -_-

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@ Chaboi_3000 please delete this topic

He can’t delete, he can only close

He can delete… He is the Overlord on this discourse.

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Haha, no, he can’t delete, this is a fork from an open source code, quite sure there is no way to delete a topic, maybe he can make it invisible?

Why do you like arguing so much… I will not start arguing about this, because it’s not related to the topic and doesn’t make any sense at all.
Just wait for Chaboi and I’m sure he’ll find a way to solve this problem.


(Sorry didn’t look like you were tagged properly before)

(also sorry for the necro)

No, this is not a necro
@Chaboi_3000 this topic should be closed/deleted