Tips for Clash of Clones


Clash of Clones is a tricky level, but with a few tricks here and there, you’ll beat it within minutes! Here’s a few tips that might help make it easier.

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 2.20.52 PM

Tip 1 – Use special abilities

Abilities are there for a reason. Here’s the catch; even if the enemy side has more units, the clone can only use attack(), and none of the other abilities. Use that as your upper hand! Abilities like chain-lightning, cleave, bash are some of the abilities that you should use! Just combine some of them and you should easily finish the level.

Tip 2 – Armor/Weapon stats don’t matter much

Turns out you don’t really need that much HP or weapon damage; this level is all about tactics and using special moves. You can even beat the enemy clone with a mere 400 HP! Make sure to use gear that have special moves like bash, cleave, and even your hero’s special abilities!

Tip 3 – Flags are useful

Flags help you a lot in this level, as seeds are randomized. Flags also allow you to control your hero, and at times you’d want to go head-first or stay back. Just use flags to control your tactics and you’ll do fine. :slight_smile:

Here’s a clip of me finishing this level with full HP and only 430 HP total:


Thanks for the tips @Chaboi_3000. For recording the video, how’d you do it?

I used Mac’s default QuickTime Player’s Screen Recording feature. :slight_smile:

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I know I also use mac, but I use command + shift + 5, it’s just I couldn’t figure how to upload it. I just found out. Thanks anyway.

where is command?(20)

Thanks for the tips! But fireball can hert your frieds. Maybe Burls are better?

Here’s a tip I used:
Get a lower damage warrior
Take off ALL armor and anything that increases your HP
Equip your worst melee weapon.
Eat popcorn while your squad demolishes the other squad

(Don’t worry I still beat it properly)