To the admins who think I am breaking rules

and you are probably the only one lol

I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with making a new account, so long as you only use that one. There’s not point having two accounts which you both use. That’s just silly, but if you want to make a new account and move to using that one then I have no issue with that.
For example, in the past, people have made new accounts just because they wanted a new name, and if they abandon the old one and move to the new one then there’s nothing wrong with that.
I would say, however, that you shouldn’t do this multiple times, simply because it’s confusing and unnecessary, but this time, I think it’s ok.
Also, if you want to make your name “match” your youtube that’s ok too. Advertising would be making a post or topic (most often an off topic one) with the sole purpose of getting people to go to your youtube channel. If you post a link to your youtube channel in your profile that’s also fine, because people have chosen to go to your profile, whereas they wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to see your advertising post. (By the way, I don’t mean “your” specifically, I mean one’s).


Got it, thanks for clearing this up!


I think this is ok
just like me I am using a new account (old one is riticmaster9087) because I forgot my password so I think this is fair for @NeonWolf

Yeah this is what I was trying to say thanks

this is now my main account

Tbh, I think many people miss you in the form of archi, but it’s ok if you want to stay with this one.

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