What are the rules for alts?

So, there is a lot of misunderstanding about alts right now and if they are allowed. Most of us have always thought that alts were only allowed in CodeCombat, but not on the discourse.
In the guidelines, it says that there should be no ban evasion using alts, and you shouldn’t boost your likes using alts. This is the only content about alts in the rules. Even so, it’s been thought that alts are not allowed unless you have lost your main account’s password.
But recently, Deadpool has said alts are okay. This made everyone confused about whether or not alts are allowed.

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No, I didn’t say that. An alt is actually defined as this:
Alt is an account that is made by the same user of another account and pretends to be someone different.”
I said:

So basically I said you can change your account, but you can’t use more than one account concurrently, which is an alt. So I said you can’t make alts, the misunderstanding is about what an alt is it seems.


Ah, I see. Thank you Deadpool!

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The rule was established because many people attempted to use alts to bypass suspensions. Generally there’s no point in having multiple accounts, so really there shouldn’t be much need to apply the rule outside of ban evasions.