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If you know HTML, CSS or Javascript go to this website, you can create your own website or some random cool stuff. And no, I AM NOT TRYING TO ADVERTISE CODEPEN.IO. Lastly, if you do some cool stuff on post it here.

If you want to learn HTML and CSS:

If you want to learn Javascript:


I’m on it, I made a few cool things on there

also codecombat doesn’t teach you actual javascript, more like a… simple version of js, since codecombat’s js version is old, while now websites use new which means there is a ton of new capabilities and some were removed

Yeah I guess, other than codecombat you might want to go to khan academy or some random course on codeacademy.

This might help with some of the HTML/CSS stuff:
This will help for Javascript:

or you could also just use stackoverflow for all, and when you need an exact definition mdn docs?