Topic for Duolingo

Guys, I found out there is a website to look at all of your stats :open_mouth:

nice (*******************************)

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i am so lonely

okay, I’m still in the gold league still :roll_eyes:

I’m in the ruby league because I’m too lazy to do anything and I haven’t done Duolingo in two months

I don’t even want to know what league I’m in rn :skull:

Duolingo ads showing up for the super bowl is crazy

Wait actually :joy:
I didn’t watch it sadly

I happened to be watching right when Duo told us to do some language learning :rofl:

Can’t be a coincidence…go do your full go lesson!!!

(I’m such a hypocrite)

I lost my 143 day streak cuz I had to go to winter camp :sob::sob: I haven’t started up again

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u know what that means

bye your probably dead

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Screenshot 2024-02-13 9.14.49 PM

love his username lol

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Hello I just joined duolingo and I am learning spanish.


ight ill hope on my fault

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Guys, the avatar creator is on PC now! (For some users)



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