Topic for Olympics

Well we have different times so I did not see the interview bc it was probably really late for me

It was around 8 pacific time.

We were eating and watching the olympics and it came up.

( 20000 chars What pacific time? )

Btw, synchronized swimming hasn’t started yet, and because archery isn’t very famous, we looked it up on YouTube.

It’s the time zone for the people living in western America. Like, Oregon, Washington, California, etc.

Hey did u know I tried out for a gymnastics team?……….


(2000 chars And I made it!)


No. That’s awesome! I’d love to hear about it, but not here, since this is the topic for Olympics.

Well isn’t gymnastics a sport?

It’s the only thing that’s on TV here, so I definitely do watch a lot of sports.


my favorite team is my home country china


mine is liechenstien(tiny country squeezed between switz and austria)

I don’t remember hearing of them. I’m obviously cheering for America because that’s my home country. But I also cheer for Australia, the UK, and France.

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Does anyone know what happened to Naomi something-or-other? She’s a tennis player and I think something happened to her. Something similar to Simone.

that seems a bit excessive xD. there must be some other tv show in japan other than sports. And even if its just a kids channel lol

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idk who I cheer for, I dont really watch tv so I dont get to cheer on much D: but if I can I cheer for all countries in a competition (unless my home country plays then i obviously cheer for germany lol)

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Rarely. It’s literally on most channels though. (Right now on TV, I have Table Tennis on)

If you mean her performance in the olympics, she lost in her 3rd game.


ok I was about to say xD

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I am interested in archery, and anything to do with swimming.