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IMO, physics is the most boring of the 3

NEVER take physics if you don’t want work
im telling you
i have to take all 3 sciences this year and next year idk
and u learn trig in physics, even though u learn it in algebra and geometry 2

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Well, physics is really nice theories-wise, otherwise, when it comes to calculating stuff, it becomes annoying.

me sitting here quietly not knowing what physics is cuz im 4th

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bro what type of school do u go to
idk when im taking physycs and uv already taken it…
and not planning on taking it anytime soon
I alrdy hate chem enough

how many periods do u have??
ur only supposed to take one science, math, english, history, math
not 3?

It is probs one session of 3 subjects, under one title, and then maybe the 3 different subjects might be taken based on how the book is or everything mixed as one curriculum, or parts of the year, so every part a subject or smthng of that sort

You’ll learn. in time you will learn.

But I like calculating stuff…

charter school
the company is best in the country i think

ive been taking it for 3 years

dont its a pain

chem is alright

7 a day
9 classes total

3 periods of each science each week
and then the rest is everyday

not in physics you wont


but again… ur in 8th grade…

now i def wont

hated both classes
bio a little less cuz i cheated (ps. Our teacher told us he doesnt care if we cheat cuz we wont be learning. literally gave us an ok to cheat

7 periods but 9 classes?
that doesnt work out

u go to a very very differnt school
is it private?

started in 6th


yea cause some classes i dont have everyday

nope charter
i cant say cause then you’ll know what school i go to

bruh whot?
6th grade?/??

thats like online for us last year
we had 4 classes a day

ive been having 8 periods a day (if u count lunch and academic enrichment) since 5th

daang that sucks
i got 8 periods too
counting lunch

Not really
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lucky u guys are in these HIGH level schools (im 4th and am stuck with learning metric system WHEN I CAN CONVERT BASE 4 INTO BASE 10)

Mate, I get 5
5 hour long lessons and a 20mins break in-between each one

be glad
i can handle it cause the schools in china are waay more stressful than this
trust me

i dont want 5hr long lessons