Topic for Olympics

For the Olympics I like the gymnastics when I am older I hoping to go to the Olympics the person who inspired me is Simone Biles


My favorite team is the final five

Nice! Have you seen the archery? I like that, and artistic swimming AKA synchronized swimming.
Have you heard that Simon Biles quite?

Yea but she got back in, I did not see the archery but I did like the swimming, if I am in the Olympics I wanna do gymnastics and swimming

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No, she’s not going back in I don’t think. Something happened with her health and it’s dangerous for her to do gymnastics now.

I like the synchronized diving

Oh, I thought something happened in vault did she hurt herself again?

Yes, I watched the woman’s synchronized diving. It was fun. China was amazing in it!

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The fun part for me is I get to cheer on two teams witch is China and America

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When ur old enough will u participate in the Olympics?

I think she said that when she’s in the air, she has no sense of where she is in space. All of a sudden, she was completely disoriented in the air, and still is when she does gymnastics.

What does disoriented mean?

I think it would be a fun and awesome experience if I got in. But unless they make ballet an Olympic sport, I won’t join. I want to be a professional ballerina, and then a teacher fir ballet.

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  1. having lost one’s sense of direction.

“she was so disoriented that Joe had to walk her to her room”

  • confused and unable to think clearly.

“jet lag leaves you irritable, disoriented, and tired”

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I just searched 2 mins ago and u litterly copied and pasted it and thxs


Yup! :grin:
(20 chars knows I’m good at copying)


Did u see Suni Lee win a gold medal for all around?

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Last night I saw Simone Biles doing gymnastics

I did! Well, I did on YouTube. Suni Lee is very good!

Really? Last night, Simon had an interview and said the same things I told you about her.