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Especially if it’s the black version instead of the green one… (BTW: The Pokémon you’re talking about is Rayquaza. The green is its normal coloring, but the black is its Shiny…)

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COOL , anyways i want an ampharos its cute…

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How do you make a poll? Is there a button for it or something?

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If you make a reply and click this settings button while making it there’ll be an option to make a poll

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are you kidding me… the gear is bugged on my computer, clicking on it just makes a blue line go a bit to the right of the gear

Yeah, we’re currently experiencing a bug with that at the moment.
Below is a preset to copy/paste:

[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]
* yes
* no

Each option is on a separate line, starting with an asterisk (*) followed by a space ( ).
The boolean value for “public” determines whether or not the poll shows who voted. If you set it to false, votes will be anonymous.
I’m not sure about the other three, but they work for pretty much every poll so you don’t really need to ever change them.

(For the admins or whoever codes the site) It shows this error in the console:


Also, those are just the default parameters. chartType is pretty simple. That’s just for how you want results to display. It defaults to a bar chart, but it can be any type of chart for displaying data.


do we live in a simulation?

  • yes
  • no
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Yes, I see posts about it on the internet all the time. And what is on the internet must be true, right???
JK, JK :sweat_smile:

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i swear it wasn’t me

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wait i thought you hated video game!

I find movies even more boring

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i have to agree but i like movies sometimes (what video games have you played?)

just random video games i find on the internet on my school chromebook
don’t remember what they’re called it’s been a while

ah ok (if you enjoy the playing aspect of games but don’t like the difficulty you might try cozy games at some point)

i’m sorry what is that :skull:

game indend to just be enjoyable a fun with usaly a very small skill requirment and have a cute art style
like this one

or this one

(i don’t realy know any browser based cozy games)

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Wait no quoted the wrong thing

(nevermind I’m on mobile and quoting is broken)

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no its honk you dum dum jk jk you are not a dum dum