Topic for retro games

all games discused must be made before 2000

I’m not really a fan of old retro games, but I like this one retro-style game that was made a few years ago.

:expressionless: let me guess stardew vally

No, it’s Oceanhorn: Chronos dungeon.

My friend at school showed me this website:

It has a bunch of old games from the Gameboy.

that is cool (20 cahrs)

If you have an Android, I would personally recommend (from experience with the free version) MyBoy (Note: This is for the free version, the paid version can be found here)

Myboy is blocked for me, but UBG100 has some good old games. It got blocked in my school 1 week ago :sob: :sob:

try it on a personal Android phone, instead of a school device.

I don’t have a phone or any personal device, as an Asian life is hardcore mode :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: so that is why I use my school chromebook.