Topic for Screeps

Hi, everyone, this is the topic for Screeps.The ones, who know what it is will post here)

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Do you really play at ?

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yes, I do, my profile is StrangerCreep

What’s your profile in Screeps, @xython ?

hey i made a account but i looked at the tutorial and idk what to do dood

So, you mean the goal of the game, or how to code there?

So, the goal of the game is to make your colonies automatic and take as many rooms as you can

Tell me if you want more info, @avery_witte .

how to code there dood

Code on usual javascript.
In console you make urgent commands, such as spawning new creeps or turning on safe mode
In your script part you write main script and functions for each creep type.
Memory… you don’t need to change anything there.

It’s better to pass through the tutorial and read API, before spawning.

Also you will need to buy unlimited CPU when you will want to spawn between real players.
I am going to have it soon

ok dood thanks for helping me dood

you’re welcome, @avery_witte.

I just made a account called Pender

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Congratilations! Ask me, if you need help.

Okay thanks! (I need to learn java tho :stuck_out_tongue: i do python lol)

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yeah java not my thing but i will get the hang of it dood

Yeah, before doing screeps you better learn it here))

Got unlimited CPU for Screeps!