Beta Test Sunfire Blitz

Hello everyone! It’s that time again, Sunfire Blitz is now ready for beta testing,
be aware that because this is a beta test, anything can be changed, numbers can and will be tweaked, and the leaderboard might be reset, so I encourage you to create a local save.

Please report bugs and suggestions you found along the way,


closing in tiles doesn’t seem to be working

Here is a spectate link if it helps

Should be fixed, thanks for the report!

In this case, the robot crab seems to get stuck and then waits until I come along to explode

hey @Venneth can you add the dimensions of the map in hints? its very confusing on where I can and can’t go (also I need it for my pathfinding program :sob:)

it would be very helpful for coding

They are all available in the editor somewhere. I hope this can help you

ah ok lol cuz my turt is dying every time :frowning:

where :sob: unless its a coding issue

Should be fixed, thanks!

Should be available here, let me know if more explanation is needed

wait so the array is 2x2 correct? so its 68 rows and 80 columns?

it should be 34 and 39 (since the max coordinates are 68 in the Y axis and 78 in the X Axis), and since each solar panel is 2x2, there are 34 in the vertical direction (Y axis), and 39 in the horizontal direction (X axis)

Will revise the description to say 39 instead of 40 (since we changed the max X coodinate to adjust for the positioning error)

Hey @Venneth It’s have a problems on shockTrap When hero was bombed, Hero’s y was originally a reasonable 25, but then it became an incorrect 31, so there will be a 2X difference in the future.

Hi @Unholy_Maker, it seems the file you shared is a local file (file:///C:/), which means that only you can access it.

I’d advise sharing the video on a video hosting platform like imgur (limited to 60 seconds), streamable, or vimeo.


One might argue the array is upside down, or at least it seemed like it to one of our students who made this google sheets file to track what’s happening visually. You might find useful.

Steps to use

  1. Make your own copy of the googlesheet (currently set to read only)
  2. Have your code output the solarMap via consol log and copy
  3. Go to your version of spreadsheet and paste results into cell A1
  4. Make sure you have only 1 each of a [ and ] symbol for the array. You can have other junk before and after the brackets
  5. You shouldn’t need to update any values except in cell A1

Output should appear something like this below. It’s made for newer game with ability to have more solar/square but you can still get the idea with red blue.

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So, I have been wondering, does anyone else see this name come up in their wins/losses?
Also, I have figured out by spectating that it is StarryDreamer. Why would it be this way.
Lastly, I have lost to this person 2 out of 9 times and when I spectate them all, I win. I just would like to know if anyone else has similar occurrences.


Which of the three do you have?