Topic About the MOTHER series!

Hey there!!! super geeky about the Earthbound series, or just a new fan that’s heard of it from Super Smash Bros. or Nintendo Switch Online?

This is the place for you!! nothing but full on earthbound fans yapping on about kids wearing striped shirts punching aliens and saving the world!
this does not just have the video game, this includes interviews of the Creator, Shigesato Itoi, the Ost, the Novel, graphic novel, unused content, psychological analysis behind the series, and much more!

please, reminder to blur spoilers and stay positive! respect opinions and personal headcannons of the characters.
Have fun!!

Oh! and something else,
dont be scared to share art! just please, dont post anything innapropriate, please also follow the rules of the CC discourse.

I finally finished the first sanctuary and brt the police officers. Psi rocjin is OP

YAY!!! yes!!! psi rockin will be a tank through the game, just wait till you save paula in twoson, shes gonna be a huge help, kinda makes up for her horrible hp lol

also something i wanna mention about most of the PSI users throughout the MOTHER series, from ana to Kumatora, they will all have poor hp and base attack, but have high offense in special attacks, such as speedsters in some other games. they’re made for PSI attacks, Anas hp in MOTHER 1 is extremely poor, same with Paula and Kumatora from Earthbound and Mother 3.
so a small tip, dont worry about Psi for Ninten, Ness or lucas, Ninten only has assist-based psi moves, such as offense and defense up. those magic tarts and psi-replenishing items are vital for characters such as Paula and Ana.
such as items, lloyd, jeff, and duster, are mainly item based, in games such as Earthbound and mother 1, are the only characters able to use Bottle rockets, its good that they allowed other members in Mother 3 to hold exploding items in order to hold more rockets and use them.
each team member has a role in the game, there are either 2 or more PSI users, and 2 or more support item members.

they make me so happy…oh how gleefull am i…

I think you have a unhealthy relationship with the mother series. JK jk

NO YOUR RIGHT lmaoo i do …

So if I make a nft with ness on it will you pay me 100k for it

i dont like…nfts… much rlly

what about a print of the charectsers’s im trying to figure out how to make free money

if you got me the new mother 3 plushies that got announced and gave it to me for a lower price consider yourself getting bank my freind

Earthbound !

finished the drawing by the way!

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as a person who only knows earthbound from smash bros,
“Nothing scares me but. PK Fire! that voice, it scares me.”

lucas pk fire>>>>>>> ness pk fire

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im gonna speak on behalf of mother fans, super smash bros BUTCHERED Lucas’ personality,
no he is not a small little boy that’ll cry when you make fun of him, he’d absolutley destroy you

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and ima geek out for a second, in earthbound ness cant even learn pk fire, thats paula’s thing…

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What is the difference between pk and psi is it just different characters?

yeah they mean the same thing!!

But I honestly don’t have a lot of ability to talk.because I got convinced by a evil virtual flower not to reset my game for several months