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Topic for Stories

I wrote a short story about a rock(had him in mind 3 years ago (2018, I rounded (rounded is a math term for choosing the side that is closest))), and there are many more to come, so I’ll just post all the stories here. You can write your own stories too. You can share real life stories if you want to.



This story is about a Rock named Rocky and his companions, Sharpner and Clonk. They have superpowers. Rocky has the ability to jump really high. Sharpner the sharpener has the ability to spin really fast, and Clonk the dinosaur can shoot lasers out of his eyes. They all got their superpowers from a time travelling meteorite with radioactive goo inside of it. They quickly became friends.


They all travelled to the modern day, where Clonk saw something bad. Clonk understood nothing about the bad thing. In fact, he didn’t even know it was bad at all. He thought it was good and started doing it without telling his friends. A few days later, Clonk met a supervillain whose name was Bolt. He could run a tresexagintillion (real number, 1 followed by 192 zeros) times faster than time. He also got his powers from the goo.


He never told his friends about anything. He left them and went with Bolt to be a supervillain. Rocky and Sharpner found their hideout and fought them. Sharpner fell into a radioactive pit and became more powerful and faster. While they were fighting, Bolt put a tracker on Rocky, so he can find him if he runs away.


Rocky jumped far into space with Sharpner because they knew Bolt could run faster than time. When Bolt realized they were missing, he used his tracker to track them. Bolt saw that they were in deep space. He ran upwards so fast that he ran on air. When Bolt went into deep space, he spotted Rocky and Sharpner floating away into space, hoping to fall into another planet. This time, Bolt ran at his maximum speed to get them, but when he got close to them, they just disappeared. Bolt stopped to see what was happening. He saw the asteroid that gave all of them powers coming towards him. He reached out to touch it and get all the power, but when he realized that he was made of exotic negative mass because he time traveled. He also realized that if any atom in his body which had turned into the negative mass touched itself he would explode. The asteroid gave him his powers. It contained some of the atoms that he had had before he time traveled because he had already touched the goo for powers. It was too late. “Uh-oh” he said as the asteroid was a millimeter away from him.


The sound of the boom went to the farthest depths of the universe. It created new life and planets, but it also meant that Rocky Rock, or Sharpner couldn’t exist anymore. The asteroid couldn’t become a meteorite and hit them to give them their powers, but somewhere, in a different time, Rocky Rock still exists.

Part 2, Wrath of the Red Ghost coming out Friday, 9:00 PM Malaysia time. (Unless I’m busy. Then it’ll be Monday.)


Thank goodness for this topic! I wanted so much to share my story. The problem is, I don’t think I can fit in all 10,000 words in a single post. Is there a way/button to attach a file (not an image file)?


You can continue the story with another post, or simplify it.

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The Mysteries of a Mountaintop
“Emma, I’m just not too sure this is a good idea.”
Emma and Freida were climbing a mountain. Emma was a little silly although her big sister was both smart and caring.

“Of course this is a good idea!” Emma laughed. “Look! We even found the green emerald.” “It’s beautiful, Em. Can we please go home now?” Freida pleaded nervously.

“No way! I’m not going home until we get the emerald in our hands.”
“Don’t, Em…”

But Emma, with a pickaxe in her hand, was already hacking the rock of the cave wall.

It was around an hour later, when suddenly there was a spine chilling roar that sent shivers down Freida’s back.
She looked at her sister. Emma was still hacking away.


“Don’t bother me now. I’m busy.”

Why is Em not listening? thought Freida.

Then it came again.

The roar that seemed to fill the whole world.

Then the mountain started to shake. “Please Em,stop!”
But in spite of that, Emma did not listen.

Then came a voice. “I am the guard bear of Emerald Mountain! Who is stealing my gems?” Freida froze. Even Emma slowed down her hacking.

The voice spoke yet again.“I repeat! I am the guard bear of Emerald Mountain! Who is stealing my gems?”

Freida thought, In this situation, the best thing to do is to save your own sister, rather than yourself. This is the one thing I can do. So she called out loud and clear, ”It was me!”

The guard bear came in, grabbed her, and took her away.

“Take care, Emma!” she shouted one last time as she and the bear left the cave.

Emma looked shocked. Just mere minutes ago, she had been hacking at a wall for a stupid emerald. And now, here she was, by herself, her darling sister taken by some silly bear. Why, oh why did I not listen to her? She thought. Why have I been so mean to her? I must overcome my feelings and somehow rescue her. And I must not be foolish.

She stood up.

She had to find and rescue her sister, no matter what.

Emma got to work. She didn’t really have anything that could help. She looked around the cave. There were only a few sticks lying around. How am I going to…Hang on… Sticks! That’s it!

She was so excited she didn’t notice the reek of the rotten fish.

Emma quickly gathered up the sticks and put them in the backpack she had on her back. Then it was time to start trekking to the mountaintop.

Emma was halfway up the mountain. She was exhausted, so she found a cave to lie down in and took her water bottle out to have a drink. Just a quick rest… A quick rest would be okay… But her head hit something hard. Crack! Everything went black.

The sun was just coming over the horizon when Emma woke up. For a split second, she couldn’t remember who she was, what her name was or whether she was even a real person.

Then the events of the past day came flooding back to her. Oh no! she thought. Is Freida okay? What if she has been eaten by that mean bear? I’d better hurry if I’m going to rescue her!

Emma stood up. She felt something sticky on the back of her head. It must be the crack I heard before I passed out. Never mind that now. I’ve got to save Freida!

Then, with her backpack on, she resumed her climb yet again.

Finally! That took forever! Emma was now standing on the mountaintop, but she could not see the cave anywhere. Don’t be overwhelmed. She thought. Think. Think. What would Freida do in a situation like this? She paused to think for a moment. I passed many caves on the way here. Perhaps one of those caves may be where Freida and the bear are. She evaluated the situation. Yes, perhaps that is right. So yet again, she began to descend the mountain.

“The cave! Here it is!” Emma had just come to the spot where she had seen the last cave before reaching the top. She was a little afraid about going inside but the thought of losing her sister forever gave her courage.

“Em!” Freida had heard her sister’s footsteps. “Shut up!” roared the bear. “You may speak, but not loudly. If you do, I will think about having you for my supper.” He paused to glare at Freida. “And if your sister is silly enough to come in, I will have her for supper too.” Freida didn’t need to be reminded twice. That was enough to shoosh her.

“Hey, you! Let go of my sister, you dratted bear!” Freida heard her sister’s voice.
“Em!” “What did I tell you!” roared the bear. “I will have you and your silly sister for supper!”
He ran out of the cave.

Freida had heard shrieks and roars coming from the middle of the cave. Then it died down.
Soon there was a stony silence. “Freida!” Freida heard her sister’s voice. “Em!” They ran to each other and embraced in a hug bigger than any hug they had ever had. “Boy, am I happy to see you.” Freida was grinning from ear to ear. “Just make sure, little sister, you don’t do that anymore.” “I know,” Emma said. They smiled at each other before going out of the cave and beginning their final descent down the mountain. Emma thought, Until next time…

A story I wrote a few months ago.


that’s long.


too long I fear @_Codemaster

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I know it’s long. But I like it that way. :smirk:


yeah it is long but uh i like it

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