Topic for University/Majors/Careers!

There are lots of people who are approaching university and are deciding their majors, so this is a topic to discuss and share advice on majors!

What do y’all think of majoring in?

I’ll start off with a quick poll

  • Humanities
  • Business
  • Literature
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Other
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I’m thinking of either going into Engineering or Athletic Training at one or two universities, Western Michigan University and the University of Miami

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I’m thinking of majoring in computer science and minoring in music
And I would like to go to MIT with my friend/brother (not related to him in blood but we’re basically siblings) but that’s a REALLY hard goal :sob:

what branch?

Oh youll be fine. If u work hard you will find results :]

Theres this guy called Gohar who did CS in MIT and now posts videos about college help

I think you can find him as Gohars Guide on YT or smthng

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I’m wanting to be a indie game dev although most of the games I make are trash😭so I don’t know if I will be able to

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Audio Engineering, it can propel me to sound design and other things like music production

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you still have a long journey in front of you. you already started at a very good time. if you keep working you can become professional

you still have 6 years to improve even before university

some people start in university so you have got nothing to worry about

put the goal and work for it. you will be more than fine :]

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And it’s good that you’re working at a younger age. I just started to think about what I want to do with my life but there’s a lot of things I want to try, so I regret not starting sooner

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I hope so…but my parents have already said I’m not gonna be able to do it ;-;

im thinking of double majoring in comp sci and biomedicial engineering
for college honestly i might stay in-state just bc i dont think i can afford out of state without a scholarship
dream school - johns hopkins or stanford


Its fine we all still have a good amount of time, even if it seems tight, remember that no one really has their whole life planned out this early. And it never is late to change

That doesnt mean anything really, they aint fortune tellers nor are they the ones working on your goal

Dont get disappointed with what people say

You never know, maybe till uni something huge happens that changes the course of your life and it surprises everyone

Plus it is too early to make this judgement

Ps. If you dont mind sharing, whyd they say that

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Thats cool, i have been thinking of biomedical engineering too

What made you pick this major?

you got this.
“You miss 100% of the shots you dont take”
-some guy


idk if this is a viable goal but i wanna try stocks/investing when im like 17 (im 11 rn so)

I see that quote every time I open sportsyou

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I’m not exactly what you call smart

“im not smart, its that the people around me assume im smart cuz im asian”
-my friend


I’ve tried stocks 2 years ago, and to be fair I did make SOME money, but only around 17 dollars over what I invested. And before you ask my dad invested my money for me bc I’m still a minor. It also was right after covid stopped spreading much so business still wasn’t great, i’d go for it


but there are lots of people who got into top universities with low GPA

I mean if you pull up some nice extracurriculars and write some passionate essay, you might have a higher chance than a person with high GPA but no passion

Plus if you are academically not the best doesn’t mean you aren’t a high performer in other areas

That also doesn’t mean you can’t improve

I think it’s more about study techniques than let’s say your smartness

If you are able to find efficient ways to study, you can get your marks up

And anyways students who only rely on their smartness to excel in school generally speaking suffer later on in university

So you ain’t missing out on anything

Summer is coming up and you can catch up

So don’t give up this early

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