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Sorry everyone i fired wikipedia bot

Wikipedia bot what is the shape of the earth

The Earth is round[1]. Common alternative theories include Flat Earth[1][2][3], Dinosaur Earth[1][4], and Donut Earth[1][5].

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Citations and references 3, 4, 5 (potentially unsuitable for younger or sensitive audiences)

[3] - Flat Earth (subreddit)
[4] - Dinosaur Earth (subreddit)
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Look at this mess smh

Wikipedia bot is not a real bot. As a human, I won’t be able to answer all questions here. Please ping me @MarmiteOnToast if (and only if) you have a serious question.

I’m not limited to posting Wikipedia-style responses! I can: Generate biased random numbers | Give you a random word | End replies with useless random information.

Did you know: Cheese is usually yellow, but can also be other colours

its a huge scandal wikipedia bot is not a bot (off with his head)

shhhhhhhhh don’t tell everyo-

… oh nevermind I already did

Fun fact: no fun fact available :(

yes i did know that because the color is added in cheese making prosses

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wikipedia bot what is your favorite video game

That’s a good question! I currently play games like Kerbal Space Program[1] and Elite: Dangerous[2]. Both games are over 9 years old! Nothing Together[3] is also an interesting game.

Sad fact: Blue cheese usually isn’t entirely blue

knaw i prefered the original game nothing

That one was good, but Nothing Together combines elements of the original game, such as nothing, doing nothing, and watching a grey screen with a timer, with other features such as online play, competitive timing, and a wider range of Steam achievements.

Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, the earliest evidence of cheese is from what is now Kuyavia, Poland.

honesly i never got either game (cuz they dum) but also nothing has tags like inaproptiate content so i did not want that in my steam library

this is a way better game

since you get to waste your money and your time instead of your just your time

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Wikipedia bot, send me a pm about how you type these ultra long paragraphs that i don’t even 100% read

Wikipedia bot, what gender is marmite

i fired wikipedia bot he was not doing his job

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Citations and references:
[1] I was not fired :+1:

Fun fact: Wikipedia bot is still functional and happy to help

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Marmite is male.

Fun fact: @MarmiteOnToast is male

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So it seems I have the same issue as coding crusader :skull:

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i hired you so i can fire you and you are fired

@MarmiteOnToast Can you change your User name to Wikipedia bot? :pleading_face: