Unable to save coinucopia

I finish the coinucopia level and get to the victory screen, but the screen never moves from the “Saving Progress” message. The XP and gem icons are grayed out and the “Experience Gained” and “Gems Gained” both stay at “+0”. I’ve tried this in IE, firefox, and chrome on multiple computers and multiple internet connections (at first I thought it may have been related to my work’s firewall, but I get the same issue at home). Any idea what could be the cause of this?

I’ve just fiddled with the CloudFront caching settings and think it might be working again in 30 minutes. Can you try the same thing on http://direct.codecombat.com (which bypasses CloudFront) and let me know if it’s working there?

That does work. Thank you very much.

*Edit: Well, did work. The direct. link allowed my to continue past that level (though it still shows as “started” rather than ''Complete") but the next level does the same thing. Even with the direct. link, Copper Meadows hangs on the “Saving Progress” message the same way coinucopia did.

Found the real bug and got the fix in the deploy process now. Should be live in 15 minutes on direct.codecombat.com, or a little later on codecombat.com. Sorry about that!

Awesome! Thank you for your quick help.