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Unintended Solution to Skeleton Puzzle?


I solved the Skeleton Puzzle map by using flags. After solving it, it occurred to me that this is probably NOT the intended way to solve a Glacier level. Shouldn’t they be disabled on this map? If the time limit was a little lower, that would also make this method impossible.


Their is not a single way any program or solution can be written. Coding never has a single solution. Coding is a work of art. No one can tell you how to draw a picture or code a program. Thats what makes coding or any creative skill exciting. We will all end up at the same finish line but how we get to the finish line doesnt matter. :slight_smile:


Beautiful, beautiful, bravo, :clap:


True, but it seems that the CodeCombat team have tried to take out most of the “easy” ways to solve the Glacier levels, as we can learn more if we use algorithms instead. For instance, Gridmancer Redux disables hand-coding the zones, some maps on Cloudrip Mountain have the boss star disabled, and Kelvintaph Defiler disables the ability to see through walls via Twilight Glasses.


I see what you mean but ive managed to beat “The Trials” with only a flag and attack method. At the time it made me have to think because I didnt have much to work with. My flagging honestly didnt set well with me one bit. I only came up with a quick and easy solution so I could say ive beaten it. I ended up creating a few more methods so my hero would complete the level him self with out my flags guiding him. If you truly want to learn then push your self. Design an algorithm which doesnt involve your flags. Im sure CodeCombat tries to push their members the best they can but they cant always be the ones pushing. Your going to have to do so to.


I usually restrict “flags” for course levels or if it can give an advantage. For this level, if you would like to solve the puzzle in “manual” mode – why not :slight_smile: But I suppose your goal is to improve/sharpen your programming skills or just to have a fun while solving a puzzle like a true developer. Otherwise, it’s like to play with IDDQD or “Easy” difficulty.