Deleted chaiboy please close

deleted deleted deletd (fulll senense that is not unclear)

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hmm, I think you can if you are an adventurer.

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i meen like i’m in mounten if i used a durect link to get to glacier

Obviously you can, but I highly wouldn’t recommend you.
Just use common sense. If you are in the Mountain, and try to complete Kelvintaph Defiler, for example. You try to solve it, but you can’t. Why? Even if you have the 3rd Boss Star (which is needed in the level and is granted in the middle of Mountain), you have a lot of important levels in the Mountain, plus some levels in Glacier, where you learn a lot and the knowledge is needed in the level.
In CodeCombat each level is more difficult than the previous one, so if you are sure you know and have everything you need for Glacier, you can try it. However, I still wouldn’t recommend you.


ok i had just had done it ones and did’nt want to get band or somthing

It’s fine if you do it, but you probably shouldn’t post this since it is considered “sharing exploits”

it’s not realy a exploit considering that it is not changing the game play

technically it is and might get you SUSpended

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I don’t think so. I think Bryukh said somewhere that it’s not a hack/exploit.
P. S. Please don’t continue the argue. :upside_down_face:


It’s allowed, just not recommended. Why? You might end up skipping some areas and concepts you probably want to cover.