UPDATED Castle Wars! Feedback Apprecieated!

A massive update has come to castle wars.
The AIs have been reworked, and many changes have occured:
Earth Shaman -Buffed damage from 18-20
Fire Shaman - Nerfed Damage from 50-45
Heal Shaman: Buffed health from 60-120
Heal Shaman: Attacks now deal 0 damage.
Heal Shaman: Can heal 25 health every quarter second.
Lightning Shaman: Buffed Chain-Lightning Damage. 50-60
Please play if you haven’t as we really need more players.
Play here:

If you played, please leave some feedback


In the future, please keep these “Update” threads in the original level topic, because we probably have like 10 of your “Update” threads which just clutters the forum.

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