Using in a Classroom


This is such a superb idea and I would love to take it into my computer class. I tried, but the lab runs only one computer at a time, all the others get stuck on the green loading bar. If the one computer completes the level, a random other loads in.

This is not going to work for me, but I really would love them to start learning code through something like CodeCombat!

Any ideas?

Wow, that would be annoying! I had a classroom of students working a couple months ago. The students all had their own laptop accessing through our WiFi network. What was your setup?

try using a wired connection,It works fine with my class

Can you ask your school’s IT crew about it? It sounds like either super super slow bandwidth or some aggressive filtering on the firewall or something like that.

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Just saying I am on my schools tech team so you might be able to use switchs and an internet wire to hook up all your computers

Thanks for the replies.

We are all on wired computers, so not an issue with that. May well be something to do with the firewall, but I am in Taiwan, so no issue at all with the bandwidth. I will go and see our tech guy, but you’ll have to wish me luck with him only speaking Chinese and me speaking hardly any!

I may just try again, with a back up plan loaded and ready just in case.

Thanks for the input and I’ll let you know the result :smile:

(oh and the lab is set up using a hub, so no issue with that part either, the main “teachers” computer is able to run the game, with no issues at all and an individual computer will also run it, just completely at random)

If you want, you could have your tech guy email me in Chinese and I could try to debug it with him:

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I think the problem is that you are using a hub you need to use a switch or a router the hub makes all the data collide so to speak

Not sure what he did to change it, but works like a charm!

Thank you all!

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