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VPS install? Is it alowed?


Hi, can I (and may I ) install codecombat on my private virtual server and run on my domain?
Thanks, Pale


I can’t see why not, especially because no one can stop you. The games’ source is available after all.

You may however not sell it, profit from it, claim it and similar actions.

And you should not try to use the local progress online (read: hack CodeCombat).

But don’t ask me to help you, I have no idea :smiley:


Thanks for answer. Sorry for the bad english. Can you explain “not try to use the local progress online (read: hack CodeCombat)”.
Thanks in advance, Pale


Just the obvious. There should be now way too, but I can imagine some ways to hack into the online game and give yourself items, gems ect. That is forbidden (for obvious reasons).
I was maybe a bit overmotivated when writing this answer :wink:


Thanks. I have educational site and just wanted to include code combat in site for . Is iframe alowed?


That sounds like you might be pushing the envelope of claiming it is yours…


Hi Pavkan,

Here are our legal terms. We don’t necessarily provide our levels for use on third-party servers, but you can use everything else. In practice, we might not care if you are using the levels, depending on how you are providing the game. Can you share a bit more about your educational site and how you want CodeCombat to work in it?

Putting in an iframe on your site is fine.