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Am I allowed to write about CodeCombat


I have a blog site, and I really like CodeCombat, so I was wondering if I was allowed to blog about CodeCombat.
Thanks for letting me know,
Lord Of Legions


Hey, thanks for taking interest in CodeCombat! :smiley:

CodeCombat is an open source community project, and writing about it is an excellent way to contribute to the community. Please go ahead and write as much as you’d like.

I’ll just advise to avoid posting content that may be otherwise counterproductive or inappropriate. For instance, please avoid posting full copy-pasteable solutions as that foils CodeCombat’s goal of teaching how to code, and avoid reposting CodeCombat’s paid video tutorials as they likely have a copyright. As a general rule, think twice and use your best judgment before posting and you will be fine. :slight_smile:


Hey, it is good to know that you want to share the great news about CodeCombat and that you love it.

Please do not be discouraging towards the CodeCombat or write offensive material about it. On top of this do not give away code answers as it will spoil the point of learning to code. However KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!



​Ok Thanks! (I wasn’t going to do anything bad anyway)​


I was pretty sure of that anyway but we have to be sure.
Can I see your blog, I would be interested to read it?


I haven’t posted it yet because I’ve been busy but I will today. Here’s
the link for it: The Ways Of The Redstone


If you want me to change, add, or remove anything on it just tell me


@Lord_Of_Legions : its a bit off topic, but I was reading the ways kids can make money.

You could add:

If you are good at photography:
1.borrow your parents camera and take photographs then sell the prints

If you are good at art:
2. Draw or paint and sell your art. If you can draw people charge them for a self portrait.

If you are good at music:
3. place out a hat/cup and just play in a public place (that allows this)


Wow, thanks! I didn’t think of that.


before i post it i wanted you to give me the ok. My absolute favorite way
to learn to program is CodeCombat. Much like the name, it isn’t just
typing in boring lines of code, but being able to have an avatar do tasks
that you program it to do. On top of that, you can customize your avatar,
and use gems that you get from levels you complete to unlock cool new
abilities. At the moment, there are not one, not two, not three, but four
different programming languages to choose from! CodeCombat is free, unless
you want to pay only $10.00 a month to unlock epic new levels, new
characters with awesome abilities, and 3,500 gems a month! Another cool
feature about CodeCombat are these levels that will help you in your
career. One level, is the Viking level located in the second world. If
you beat it you get a free fourteen weeks of Viking School, which teaches
you even more advanced programming. Another level is the Gridmancer level,
which if you beat they’ll help you find a programming job in San
Francisco. I rate CodeCombat 10 out of 10 stars.


@Lord_Of_Legions is that true viking is giving away a free 14 weeks still?


I think so, because it was a few days ago