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Where's the Wakka Maul level?


I was looking through the achievements list and noticed there were several achievements related to a multiplayer level called “Wakka Maul”:

Seeing as the URLs for all levels follow a similar pattern, I could enter the level directly by visiting, so I confirmed the level exists and is accessible in the live server.

I then searched the multiplayer section as well as the Dungeon world (because this level has a dungeon-themed background), and couldn’t find any reference to the Wakka Maul level.

Is this level supposed to be available to the public already? What world does it belong to?


Oh, I found it: this level is currently only accessible from the Courses section—more specifically, the “Introduction to Computer Science” course.

Are there plans to add this level to the regular gameplay as well?


Must be in beta or something. It also has a ladder site attached to it. I am currently in the top 100 (which isn’t impressive since there are only 68 people on it)

I am not seeing it displayed in the courses anymore. A shame because some multi-player in the courses section would be a lot of fun.


Ah, a new challange! Let’s get to work! :slight_smile:


Yup, it’s part of courses, supposed to be simple enough for someone who has only played 17 simple dungeon levels to get into. It’s not totally done yet (waiting on art and a couple balance tweaks), so watch out if we change it and your strategies break. The main use case here is for each private course arena ladder, not the main global ladder, and without most of the APIs you probably aren’t going to be writing any masterpiece strategies.

@Hinkle Do you have a one-person course? I took it out of the list for people in courses playing solo, since our /hoc route lets players do single player for Hour of Code, and they would end up in a multiplayer arena with no other players in it.


I am a teacher of a 3 person course (other students on free accounts) using the China site. The link doesn’t appear from the teacher page, but if I entered the link UltCombo provided submitting the rankings would take me to the global rankings page. (Currently ranked at #1 w00t!)

Good news is that the student who tried the page was able to beat it. Bad news is there was a bug and he was unable to access the level again. I will try posting a bug report on GitHub after the next class so we can include a screen shot and console log.

Link now on teacher page.


I think I’ve fixed this one so that the links all work and you stay within the course arena. Please give it another shot and let me know how it goes.


Thanks, I am able to access it from the courses page now.