Web Dev 1 Illustrious Imagery Where is this image gallery?

I have not found a clickable link to an image gallery as indicated by this leve, and though I can get in to one of what I am sure is many file db’s using the link on the level the png’s do not seem to be supported by the editor or they are not supported by the browser. as none will display. I have only tried the png’s titled portrait assuming it is the same collection of images as the cactus outline is from. I did not wish to try the ones labled sprite incase they where printscrens or document scans.
In any case a file db like that sould not be accessable over the open net.

Back to the origonal question,
can some one point me in the direction of this image gallery that the level indicates to use.
As it is basic HTML I am pretty sure the point here is to teach how to add images to pages via the img and the src tag combination.

It seems highly unlikly that the level has been designed to intruduce the player to cyber forensics and digital information gathering.
If im wrong let me know and I will recored the file path of every image on the site for future record while using code combat. (Naturaly for my own personal use just so I can progress with levels that ask to add images) otherwise I would appreciate an URL for the gallery that is suggested to click on.


You can find the image gallery by clicking “Game menu”. This will open a tab with various options, including the image gallery. I attach a screenshot.

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