Web dev 2 unconnected levels

hi everyone, i solved all web dev 2 levels until quizlet (quizlet is also solved). it dosen’t give me other levels to do (they are all closed) but the levels’ names are names of levels in the backwoods forest (return to to thornbush farm, a fine mint, stilness in motion, etc). can someone explain why it is so or how to fix this?

Can you show us a screenshot with your problem? I think I know what happened, but I want to make sure that is the issue.


are there any other levels in web dev 2 after quizlet?

I’m assuming you are using JS as your main language? If so, there’s no need to do the JS levels in Web Dev, so CoCo locks them. Those levels are just to prepare you for Web Dev. If you’ve done JS before, it’s really not needed. @stephanie can help unlock those if you need. :+1:


@Chaboi_3000, thank you for your explanation :smile:

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