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Cannot access Web Development 2

My son is having trouble getting to Web Dev 2. He finished Backwoods Forest and opened the Sarven Desert. He also did a few optional challenges in the Forest in hopes that would unlock Web Dev 2, but it has not.

Are we missing something? My main goal was to have him do Web Dev 1 and 2, which is why I subscribed.

Can I get some info about if this is a bug… or if not, what very specific things need to be done to get to Web Dev 2?

Thank you.

Howdy and welcome to the forum!

While I can’t give specifics, as I don’t remember when the level opened up for me, apparently you/he does need to get to a certain point to unlock it. Again, I don’t know what that point is.

However, in the general Forest map, do you see the orange arrow?:

It has been reported that the blue arrow (game-dev-2) appears after a certain level is completed in the Desert, so I’m thinking the same is true for the blue (web) arrow.

You can always send an email to for more definitive assistance.

Thanks for the welcome!

No, we don’t see either of those two arrows. In the Desert, is the main path enough to unlock the arrow, or should we be doing optional stars in the Desert as well?

I’m worried my son will get burned out before he gets to Web Dev 2, so I’m trying to minimize the work he needs to complete to reach there.

@Madeline23 As far as the learning path goes if you started with javascript then when you reach Web Dev 2 you will only be able to play the first 12 levels out of 22. This is because the last remaining of the levels are played in Sarven Desert and are the exact same. I am making an assumption that your son is interested in learning html, css, and javascript. It is good that your son has made much progress learning and reaching the Sarven Desert. It is a challenging journey, however we have a pretty great community in supporting each other if someone is stuck on a problem or needs help understanding more in depth.

Technically if you want to view or go to the level directly or even the challenge you can.

First Level:

Codecombat is a excellent resource for learning the core concepts and even advanced concepts of programming while in a fun visual environment. If you can, continue through the levels. Your son will learn valuable knowledge and gain more understanding of programming overall.

This is a resource that you can use alongside codecombat. It is free and helps learn more of the visual design of web development in an environment like codecombat.

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I think this level is the one that unlocked it for me, but it only unlocked web development. I think there is a separate one for game development.