What are the best rings for Summit's Gate? [Solved]

The rings that I have:

  • Order of the Paladin → hero.consecrate
  • Steel Ring → hero.electrocute
  • Ring of Speed → +5m/s
  • Tarnished Copper Band → Health x1.1

Wishing I can pick more than 2 :unamused:

I think it’s pretty much up to you, however, I can advise you on when to use which ring in some situations:

  • Order of the Paladin - when you want to heal your self when you fight the warlocks as this will make the skeletons suffer, as well as the warlocks.
  • Steel Ring - again, when fighting the skeletons as this will buy you some time to get in some vital hits
  • Ring of Speed - I wouldn’t recommend this one but I guess you could use it to kill the first set of enemies before the Outer Gate quickly?
  • Tarnished Copper Band - this increases your health which actually meant that I survived the beam towers with more health than I needed. It’s definitely a life saver :smiley:!

I would also recommend saving up for Korath’s Promise which returns the damage dealt from 5 enemy hits. Perfect for making those warlocks and skeletons taste their own medicine!


Thanks @FalconX11_312

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Here’s my armour, I was using Illia:

Is that the problem solved then?

Yes thanks (20 chars)

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You’re welcome @Aya. Happy to help :grinning:!

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Hey you know funny thing that orders of paladin skill can use like the cooldown is 0 seconds so you can heal infinitly

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