Guidance of what to buy using gems

Picture of my stuff. I have all belts, not sub, what should I buy. I have 5300 :gem: @Deadpool198 help?

You already have like the best gear, just buy the best flag, and all the rings.

How much in total will that cost? should I get mornings edge or forgotten (I personally don’t think forgotten)?

I don’t know. But tbh I don’t think you need to buy anything at all.

You are a sub @Dragonlouis since you have the wolf pet

Nah, he probably used the pet glitch.

@Dragonlouis I would reccomomend you to buy the Order of the Paladin ring
its awesome dude.
you can heal up so fast :grin:

Oh, I think @Dragonlouis you should save up for invisibility ring or wait for new items to come out

well If i was you @Dragonlouis i would buy the order of the paladin ring.
Its really usefull now that I have it
in my opinion I dont really like the invisibility ring because its not that great
(dont be offended or something its just my opinion)

Order of the Paladin only obsorbs 50 health from skeletons only so it is kind of bad and invisibility ring helps you in a lot of brawls.

no it can absorb from anything
can you tell me where it says this?

even if there are no enemies it can absorb and heal the hero
I am using it in the glacier crusader level and when I take a shot from the catapults the hero heals up when I use the ring.

That is weird anyway I don’t think Order of the Paladin is worth it

I dont want to get in an argument but yeah most people would say that the invis ring is better
but in my opinion the paladin ring is much much better than the invis ring

How about you buy both?

How do you get both with 5388 gems

I would get invis ring, then do some more levels and maybe get the order of the paladin. I don’t have it so I don’t know how good it is. Also, thornprick can be incredibly helpful for killing loads of ogres who are attacking you in brawls, and you could still use a hammer, or shield the whole time.

@Deadpool198 in my opinion the order of the paladin ring is awesome
invis ring isnt bad but again in my opinion it isnt great

Yeah, thinking about it it could be really good for brawls, as long as you can shield at the same time. You could have a little group of soldiers guarding you while you shield and heal them…

actually when you use the ring you cant move or do any actions
so thats the downside of the ring