What ring should I buy? [SOLVED]

Really, should I buy Order of the paladin, the precious, or save gems for earth ring (currently lv. 33. lv. 2, lv. 3, lv.4, in mountain brawls, non sub)

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well whats your loadout?
exp: armor, sword, etc.

emabled dragonset (both helmet and plate) twilight glasses, sword temple guard.


what is your shield?

deflector. Only buy the very best stuff. except for rings…


well I have the invisibilty ring but in my opinion its not that great…

Ok, then, do you recommend earth ring or order of the paladin ring

The only reason I’m considering paladin is for defend me! consentrate! defend me! excellent for brawls, you know.

read this topic about the earth ring

I am curruntely saving for the order of the paladin

and this shows the order ring

interesting…maybe I should do earth ring and paladin… I don’t know about invis though.

invis isnt that great in my opinion :frowning:

also, what do you think about speed. doesn’t give you any other effects… I think I’ll like paladin and earth. Actually, now that I think about it, I think speed could be interesting.

Oh I have the speed ring. I like it, its pretty good

Invis stats:

I like the speed ring and would like to buy the order of the paladin ring but I dont have enough gems

(do you know what you want to buy?
is this solved or no?)

Order of the paladin is expensive and only harms skeletons enemies. The Earth ring casts earthskin which I believe increases your health. The invisibility ring is quite useful if you want to hide, and is a very good ring (if used properly) for replayable brawls and multiplayer levels. The speed ring is very good as it can make any hero very speedy (including kar who is very strong but very slow).

yeah, but order of the paladin also heals hero and allies, which makes it good for brawls. Also, you can earthskin anyone/thing (wonder if it works on flower)

I recommend the Speed ring and Invisibility ring first. Then go for Order of the Paladin and Earth ring.

earth is really cheap. However, I’m level 33 (haha can’t buy)

And what’s speed ring for? like, why would you want it?