What are Vectors?

I’ve been playing tundra towers for some time now “for another competition” and my strategy is ok I’m number 13 so far on the world leader boards but I want to learn to use vectors as I think that’s what I need to become even stronger could you plz give some answers to how to get started? (also I don’t know what category this should be sorry)

vectors are basically just points, like {x: 0, y: 0} except with more methods, also I think this should be in lvl help

thank you! im new here

ill try to learn more any tips to do first?

depends on what you want to use them for

kinda want to do the kiting strat modified already did kiting really effective without vector too but wanted to calculate how to push enemys as that’s what venneth does

idk how to do that, I’m sure I could figure it out but I don’t have the time plus I’m lazy :| you could try asking him?

dude im afraid im insecure as my strat sucks go to this link CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript and then click Arthur U

like im only 13 on the leader boards

I’m 59 and I thought my strat was very good…

ok so can you explain more about vector plz? I’m being a bit annoying sorry

I think once you study basic physics or some level of mathematics, you’ll run into vectors. Essentially they are “arrows”. Another way you could interpret it is arrows.
For example, if I had a (1,0) vector. Then the arrow would point directly right with a distance of 1.

Like instructions, you can have multiple “arrows”. For example, going (1,0) and then (-2,0), is the same as (-1,0). (so going 1 left) Hence, if you add two vectors, they form one overall vector. This works even if you flip the order, and you’ll notice that you’ll always end up in the same spot as adding them together.

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