What are your favorite Roblox games?

And my username on Roblox if you what to add me is LegoGodness

pet simulator X, power simulator 2, ninja legends, saber simulator, BABFT (Build a Boat for Treasure), clicker simulator (kinda boring though… hmm), and my username is quadra90

Now, i play like TDS(tower defense sim) and aotlb(attack on titan lb(very unpop game(titan slaying game(if u play watch tutorial)))).
two favs ^

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my old favorites (cant play anymore sadge)

Ninja legends (1 not 2) bouble goom simulator

Forgot to add Dungeon Quest and Treasure Quest ._.

I like TDS(Tower defence sim) and Super Doom spire.

ayooo there is a hacker in my game…

Just report and leave

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y’all ever played world // zero (open world, dungeon crawler, class based RPG)

No, I would love to, but most are for computer only

And I haven’t found any that aren’t

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Sorry about the terrible welcome xD my social skills are the worst…


ay thanks mate, don’t worry about social skills because mine are way worse

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last I checked the devs were making the game mobile comp and I believe it’s xbox comp.


There is a new version in development:

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If you didn’t know, the OG version of the game was taken down b/c of :copyright:.


K, also, I just checked, world // zero is now compatible with mobile, and I’m level 36 >:D light mage kinda sucks for combat tho ngl, it’s more support-focused making it hard to fight bosses with it without big parties, I think ima use Elementalist or Arcane Mage, although Elementalist is prob better since it has an ult and a bunch of AoE DOT attacks


Only thing I don’t like about the game is that the higher the level of the weapon, the better it is basically, and the difference is VERY big, which kinda demotivates me from upgrading my stuff since ik it’s gonna be replaced soon anyway

Anyone wanna play it tmrw at 11:30 UTC/GMT?