What characters do you have

Hi, what characters do you normally use/have

mine is Ursa the wizard

i have ritic and i use him most of the time

I haven’t played coco in a while but I like using wizards because they’re complicated but very powerful, but I don’t have premium an more so only hero I have left is zana, which is decently powerful with shredder

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I just use senick hes not expensive but hes decent

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I have all of the characters lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Best for price: Senick, he is only 1400 gems(from what I remember)

Usara’s robobomb is pretty op, and she has very good damage

Nalfar’s sacrifice just blew me away in sacred statue: two min of sacrificing and you have 12000 health or more, and extreme damage(I’m talking about killing brawlers in less than half a second)

Ritic: what can I say, combining blink and speed ring plus phase-shift, shadow vortex, gift of the trees, and wall-of-darkness equals extreme damage, and speed.

Okar is the best warrior in my opinion, stomp is super useful when killing light enemies, and he has a lot of health.

usara’s robobomb is not usable in close range though, so her crowd control isn’t very good in close

ritic is good if he’s used well, nalfar requires good timing and summons for defense, unholy and vine should do it, okar’s a bit slow to be useful against ranged units unless you use speed ring but then it removes you being able to use 1.1x health & earthskin