What does chain lightning do

does this do enough splash damage to kill scouts and how long does the cooldown take

i need good weapons to kill scouts all at once

and also the sword of forgotten
how far does it knockback and how fast does it hit
plz upload a video if you can for any of them

and also the precious how long does the invis last and can you make arrow towers invis
and can you can a bunch of troops invis at the same time

Chain Lightning does 120 damage with a .75 multiplier per bounce, so it will kill two Scouts outright, and damage 5 or 6 others.

The knockback on the Sword of the Forgotten depends on the weight of the receiver of the hit in question. It is easy to calculate how fast it hits. Divide the DPS by the damage.

The Precious lasts for 4 seconds with a 20 second cooldown. You can make anything alive invisible, I think, so you can’t cast on arrow towers. You can only cast on one person at a time.

ok thanks for the information now i can choose what to buy