What if? Topics-

? How would Earth crumble.

and all building will crack due to no gravity

Gravity is not oxygen.

atmosphere? 20 character

Atmosphere is not gravity. Oxygen is a part of the atmosphere.

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hmm idk how to explain try find one video Kurzgesagt

What if I could only speak in rhyme
I would think it would be the end of time
for me to conduct such a crime
onto a man i know named dee
idk if you heard but he found this bit
rather annoying and then he rold me
to come and get a piece of it

Snoop Dogg sit down
He knows the CoCo is my town

mic drop
it go plop


what if coco never existed! would these conversations not exist?

me: what if google didn’t exist?
my friend: idk, google it

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what if, ErIc U StOPpEd COrRecTiNG eVErYoNe eLSe !!111!1!1!111???1?1/1

what if, a book existed to answer some of these questions… such as this book

It’s a really good book.
I read it.

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I have it on my kindle right now lol, I’ve also read it, but I keep reading it again :joy:

What if Google bought Apple?

The world would die

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My Opinion

It’d be better cuz then Apple would finally be good

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Apple is good. Just expensive. :eyes:

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they post the same iphone with a different number every year i swear

Nah, every year they give it:
1% bigger screen
1% longer battery life
1% better camera quality
1% more comfort
and the price tag is only 4 digits long

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Nah, shorter, in their new update, they said “shorter battery life” as a bug fix ._.

What if… spider man snapped instead of iron man