What if? Topics-

imagine what if? example what if moon crash the earth?

We would die easy(2000chars)

It wouldn’t. Kurtzegast had a really good video about it and it’s quite fascinating. But many people will die.

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indeed yes but that’s only if it will crash in one year what if it crashes in a month?

what if the universe ran out of trees?

Well, we’ll still have other plants for oxygen.

What If:
Cheese tasted of ham and ham tasted of cheese?

What if Joe was diagnosed with ligma and has updog?

Who’s Joe? What’s ligma? What’s updog?

*inhales *

what if earth have no oxygen for 5 second?

yes Kurzgesagt has good explanation video

We’d probably be fine since it’s only 5 seconds.
Try holding your breath.
Though jets would come falling down.
And any fires would probably extinguish.

What if we could control our bodies while sleeping? We could do school while resting!

Your brain does still function when you’re sleeping. And you do kinda move.

But we can’t control how we move if we are sleepwalking

and it will happen earthquake

earth would be extremely hot

most likely human can’t survive

Why will an earthquake happen?

not earthquake maybe earth crumble

because earth crust made of 45% of oxygen