Item dupe between accounts?

So I was coding with CoCo, and was stuck on a level. I asked my brother (CryptiCrystal) for help before I was going to post on the discourse about the level I was stuck on. I then left to eat dinner when…
I suddenly had a lot more items than usual. My brother logged into his account on my computer so we could compare code and find any syntax errors, etc. This probably caused his items to duplicate onto my account… I’ve only bought a few items, being the Worn Dragonplate armor set, the Sword of the Forgotten, Emporers Gloves, Fine Boots, Deflector, and the Enchanted Lenses (I might have missed something…). I’m only on the level “Hunters and Prey” so I only have Programmaticon IV, Boss Star 2, etc. However, soon after my account reset to its original state, except for the items given automatically (like boss star 3 and Programmaticon V).
I can enter levels with Boss Star 3 and Programmaticon though… Might want to take a look at this, @nick My username is “Xownfos”. K thanks for for coming to my Ted Talk. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will continue to use Programmaticon IV and Boss Star 2 as intended, to play the game as intended.

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I think your brother got you some excellent stuff!!!


Unfortunately becuase I planned my spending through the levels the only thing he had that I didnt were his rings xD

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Ouch. Ouch. And did I mention ouch?

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It doesn’t stay. That happens when helping my siblings as well. you have to log out of both, then log back in on yours. or his if you’re doing his. if you’re comparing codes you kinda have to use two computers. or take a screenshot.

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unfortunately I learned that the hard way lmao

Sometimes there a glitch where you get 2 of the same things on one account.
That would be awesome if you could “share” items :grin:

yea I had a brawl where I had two tarnished copper bands

I had 2 regen rings which was awesome


Did you fix the problem?

Not yet; I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. Are you able to reliably reproduce the problem?

I decided against more bug abusing :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t think I can try recreating it, but if I get the opportunity I’ll see what I can do