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What is the best/fastest way to get assistance with a level?

  1. I post here in Discourse but often, hours pass before anyone chimes in with assistance. I’d really like to get some help faster than that and keep going. Is there a better/faster way?

  2. Also, I see that there are some clans where members communicate with each other but I haven’t joined a clan because most of the members are low level, beginner players and they aren’t going to be much help to me. Are there any clans with active, high-level players? I’ve been going through the list of clans and occasionally I’ll find a member with a higher level but when looking at their stats, they haven’t been active for a year or more.

It seems that the higher I get, the difficulty increases, but it’s harder to get help. This is an issue that really needs to be addressed to retain players.



The forums are probably your best bet. We would love to see more collaboration and assistance between our players.

You can also use the contact us button inside the game to leave messages to the team. They go into my inbox. I check mail from subscribers every day. For non-subscribers, I generally get to them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but there are times when we’re working on large projects and I might not get to them until later.

Even for subscribers, I cannot always respond within a few hours. Sometimes, for example, the mail comes in after I’ve already finished working for the day or comes in on the weekend.

We’re not large enough to have staff available to answer questions 24 hours a day. We would love to be there one day!

Remember to also read the Hints on any levels you’re stuck on, and if the hints seem to be incomplete, let us know, and I’ll ask the level designers to look into it. Again, again, we cannot promise fast turn-around on these as we’re spending most of our time improving the game and adding more content.



The forums are the best bet, and also, emailing codecombat won’t work, unless it is about your account and that type of stuff.


Since I’m the one who actually answers the email, I might be better qualified to determine if emailing us will work, but thanks for contributing to the conversation!

I answer all questions from subscribers because support is part of what you’re paying for.

I answer questions from non-subscribers too, but often will refer them to here since we can’t afford to offer free support to non-subscribers, but in truth, I answer a lot of questions from our free users too.



As a subscriber, I have never once sent a support request to the contact form that wasn’t answered. Even when it was a stupid mistake on my part, it has been replied to (pointing that out in a very nice way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


oops, sorry(20 characters )


It’s no problem. I know you guys are busy and if you’re anything like most businesses, you’re overworked and understaffed. I just get frustrated when I really want to keep going on a level and have to wait indeterminate hours to get an answer to a question. I guess I was just wondering if there’s another forum out there that’s more active than Discourse. I help out when I can, but I’m not very good at this so I’m kinda limited. I wish I’d started this kind of thing when I was younger.

Do clan members have the ability to communicate with each other? Other than that, I don’t see the benefit to joining a clan. Is there something I’m missing?


You’re probably already using such resources, but try asking general questions about JavaScript/Python/Lua on Google, paying particular attention to reputable sites like w3schools. Instead of “Help with [level]”, say “How to iterate through an array in Python”.

Frequently, it’s still difficult to find documentation this way, but I find it works better than asking on the forums - it’s faster, at least.