Not only for young students... For all ages!

I must admit that I was skeptical at first… yet as a 29 year old trying to transition skill-sets from a military background and landscaping/ arbor-culture, to programming for, hopefully, video game design; I was struggling to understand or grasp even the tiniest bit of programming languages. I suppose that what they say about learning something new, from the perspective of a child, being one of the best ways to learn, is absolutely true. The best part? Lots and lots of problems to solve, using the code you just learned. This is good stuff, and i will continue!

Side note: I hope to see more languages in the future, perhaps even something as rigorous as c++… I had no idea what I was doing there!


You could ask questions about the problems you have struggled with here in this discourse, and we will try to help.

Side note: well said!

Welcome to the official codecombat forum! Here, you may ask for assistance on levels, level creation, open source dev setup, and much more! I recommend you ask codecombat support questions to the staffs:

And ask questions about discourse it self to me or ask here, I’ll help you as much as I can about discourse.

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Sometimes the staff are unavailable so if you want to ask any of us, feel free! Just keep in mind that the staff has the most knowledge about codecombat support. I prefer you PM me discourse related questions instead of making a brand new topic, and if anyone tries to offend you or do something harmful to you, tell any of us, and we’ll be sure to help. Moderators are here to help you for those issues.

Also be sure to read the official codecombat FAQ about how to format text correctly and answers to frequently asked questions about codecombat.


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