What is the fastest way to get gems

i wanna know how to get gems fast so i can buy good things for ritic and tharin

The best way to get gems it to complete brawls

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You could complete more levels, complete replayable levels, subscribe, buy gems, or simulate games for gems.

are you a subscriber @stefan_grecu

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Or you can complete single player levels.

Play levels in the glacier that give you many gems

most of them give you either 903 or 410

Yes, but he isn’t in Glacier yet. He’s on Summits Gate.

ah, then maybe just do sarven siege, quite easy. I personally think sarven siege and backwoods brawl is the easiest.

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My score on backwoods brawl is 9


Congratulations. Did that help Stefan though?


it helped

yes i am a subscriber



If you got a monthly one you will get 3500 gems a month or if you get the yearly one you will get 43000 gems a year


What subscription do you have
  • Monthly subscription
  • Yearly subscription
  • Used to have subscription
  • Never had subscription

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You forgot lifetime subscription in your poll… I got it, and still have it.

It will get confusing so let’s stick simple

i have lifetime