How to get GEMS, Stuck in Sarven Desert

I am stuck on Clash of Clones in Sarven Desert and I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to get gems quickly. I don’t have that much good gear, so I always end up dying. I’ve been trying to get gems quickly, but nothing works! Simulations don’t give gems (for some reason), brawls have leveled too high for me to beat them, and beating people in multiplayer combat is not working. Subscribing is not an option, my parents will only subscribe when I get to the glacier, but I can’t pass Clash of Clones. If you could help, I would be grateful.

I’d really appreciate it. Also, I read a post about simulations giving gems, but they don’t. Is this a bug?

For Clash of Clones here’s what you should do:
Equipment: Make sure to equip a trashy sword and armor so your clone dies quickly.
Then, do the following, in that order:

  1. Cast invisibility on yourself and move behind the enemy archers.
  2. Cast Chain-Lightning on the archers and kill them all.
  3. Go back behind your troops
  4. Let your troops do all the dirty work.

If you don’t have Emperor’s Gloves, you should go simulate and earn some gems and try to get the gloves.

You are suggested to get The Precious but it is not necessary to have it to kill the archers. You will take less damage if you use it but you probably won’t die even if you don’t use it.

Currently, there is a problem with simulations awarding gems. Eventually this will be fixed and the gems you have earned will be awarded. Until then, the fastest way to get gems is to buy them.

$5 = 5,000 gems
$9.99 = 11,000 gems
$20 = 25,000 gems

Purchasing 25,000 is the best deal.

Another way to earn gems is to play selected levels. Many of the levels in the mountain and the glacier have detailed instructions and are easier than Clash of Clones. In plus you have many topics in the forum where almost all the possible questions are already answered. You can access the mountain and the glacier directly:

and then type
( mouse over the level to see the name)
List of all levels in codecombat: Levels List w/ Links
I have free accounts for python, java-script and coffee-script and didn’t need gems at any single moment. If you are a subscriber ( as my son ) you really need gems for heroes, but I strongly suggest first to pass all levels with a simple hero to learn the programing concepts.
I think this area in the mountain is relatively easy:

thank you (characteres)