What should I do?

I have 32640 gems, and am quite a skilled coder :grin:.
My ranger equipment: 2nd best chest armor, worst head armor, precision rifle & rapidfire rifle, and the razor disc.
My warrior equipment: 2nd best chest & head armor, runesword, and the best shield.
My wizard equipment: best chest armor, 2nd best head armor, oak sphere staff, and unholy tome V.

What should I do?
  • Buy Ritic
  • Buy Usara
  • Buy Illia
  • Buy the vine staff
  • Buy the sword of the temple guard
  • Buy the emperor’s gloves
  • Buy Ezeroth’s Timepiece
  • Buy the ring of speed
  • Buy the tomb ring
  • Buy the shredder
  • Buy the blue fox
  • Buy advanced flags

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Oh, can you send screenshots of your inventories for wizard ranger and warrior?

bruh just buy senick and get full stuff and save for ritic

Uhhhh, ok. Give me a few minutes.

full stuff for rangers btw

I like wizards more though, and that would destroy my dueling grounds programs.

than get nalfar + full wizard gear (only get unholy V) nvm u have unholy V

(BTW gud nalfar code can beat almost any ritic code)





Also, I have Dynamic flags, they are just restricted in this level. :grin:


But Nalfar is too easy to use…

I want to make it hard.

Also, I didn’t give Nalfar as an option in the poll.

get this but with usara or omarn if u want a chalange:) (I purpously disequiped emp gloves for a chalange :slight_smile: )

I don’t think I’m going to waste my gems on the best hat for wizards or advanced flags just yet.

Ezoraths timepiece can give you intresting chalanges btw

True, but it’s kinda useless, not gonna lie.

:expressionless: I dont think so cuz you can get very clutch (also i found a glitch with timepiece where you can shift through walls) jkjk

True, you can save yourself with it (gives you 3 extra seconds), but it also has a terribly long cooldown, and is kinda expensive.