What's the order for free missions?

Hey all!

I used to play years ago. Came back to get my daughter coding and I can’t figure out what’s going on.

Are there only 5 free levels? The 6th challenge (cell commentary) is red (which I thought meant free) but isn’t free.

Is there a different mission I should look for next? Is this a bug? Is there an actual webpage that shows what you get w a free individual account?

Thanks in advance!

Again, CodeCombat is no longer free, you have to get a subscription to pass the 6 level and beyond.

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unless you had an account before the update . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep. Sad but true

You might check with your local library or perhaps your daughter’s school - CodeCombat markets to institutions as well, and they might provide you access. Good luck!


Such a shame they’ve gone for that approach… I wanted to use it for my students but if I can’t even try out the basic levels for myself there’s no way I’m going to end up using it in my classrooms.


Wait what is the update?

If you made a new account and you didn’t buy subscription you can only play the first 5 levels.

@happicat You might have more options as a “teacher” (with at least a few students), as opposed to a parent or casual user. I’m not involved in it, but I stumbled upon teacher-focused resources and another related program sharing the CodeCombat umbrella: Ozaria. Ozaria - Computer science that captivates

I imagine as a prospective educator client, you could access an appropriate trial so you can vet the material.

My guess is that a parent wanting to teach their one child would not be considered an “educator” in this context, since they also have special marketing for parents. (Sorry jwrobbs. That said, jwrobbs wasn’t looking for a trial, having already experienced much of the content. Understandably, they were hoping to continue to have broad access on a free account - a very different request than the one you imply as a teacher looking for a chance to review the material.)

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I made my account 3 years so I should be fine, right?

you should be fine.vb

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