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When do I get which Item - A reference


You may have to ask one of the developers about the Ultimate Wizard Hero, but as I personally have not seen any signs that it will soon be released, I don’t think any time soon :frowning:


Cool :smile:

However, there’s a link on the official CodeCombat Github that was posted about an year ago. The Ultimate Wizard, Zana Woodheart, and Illia Shieldsmith were in planning and still in planning about an year ago. Intresting how they still are planning.

@nick - do you know anything about the heroes? The volcano world? The possibility that we can finally play on the ogres team?

Please let us know!



I think the wizards name is Ursara master wizard or something like that.


Check out my post that @nick responded to.


Illia Shieldsmith will be the next released hero unless our plans change.


Thought so :slight_smile: - just couldn’t spell it :worried:.


Yay :slight_smile: @maka

So does this mean that the volcano world is coming up, or will she be unlocked in the glacier?


What exactly does unlocking heros do? I can buy ritic the cold and I am in the mountain levels


You can get new abilities from ritic


Different heros have different abilities @twenty-one21 for example Pender Spellbane has an a ability called reset cooldown which resets the cooldown on a method like cast Mana Blast, another one of her abilities. Ritic the Cold has 4 different abilities. I don’t know what they do, but you can give them a try. Here are their names:

  1. Wall of Darkness
  2. Shadow Vortex
  3. Blink
  4. Phase Shift


I tryed phase shift but i don’t know what it does


as for phase shift, it makes you turn into a form of a different dimension, but you could still see the hero. Until you attack or the phase-shift time limit ends, you will not be able to be targeted and you could go through other objects (you cannot go through walls, however).


Cool, I will try it!


Wall of Darkness slows projectiles down and (I think) hides you from view?

Shadow Vortex is like a shadow tornado. It sucks up all units in its path and when it reaches a certain point it “shoots” them in all directions (at least that’s what I think).

Blink teleports your hero to a chosen point 25 meters away AS LONG AS it is in the hero’s line of sight.

Phase Shift makes you practically invisible. You can go through other units and avoid attack, but you can’t go through walls.


Wall of darkness slows projectiles and reducing its range. @Hellenar, it does not sadly hide you.


Also Wall of Darkness slow enemies that walk through it.




Merry christmas ritic! :joy:


Haha very nice @twenty-one21


He needs some treasure.